Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cute tutu outfit and Bella's 2nd birthday party

Thanks mom for the cute tutu. it completes her ballet outfit.

she loves and i mean loves elmo. So we had an elmo themed birthday party. With elmo cupcakes. It was great, except very windy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No longer a baby

Bella is getting so big. She shows me everyday how she is no longer a baby and a little girl. I cant believe how time flies. I swear she woke up one day and just started talking. She now talks in sentences. My beautiful angel is getting so big.
She loves her ducky. She cant go anywhere without it. She loves to take her babies with her as well. In this video she starts by asking if her ducky and baby want to eat and tries to put them her highchair. Then she asks them if they want to go night night. She is so cute.

Christmas gift she loves

We decided to venture out into the snow. She loved it, but of course got cold fast.

Ballet Bella

So i signed bella up for ballet class. Its a mommy and me class. It is so cute. She has always danced listening to music and i wanted to get her involved in something. We go every monday and i go to the class to help her with moves as she is still young, but it is a great bonding experience. She likes it. She loves her outfit. Its a little big but its the smallest they had. She has a dance recital in june where she will be dressed up as a bunny. I will have to post the video.