Friday, November 2, 2007

My response to being tagged

So I was tagged by my sister in-law Stephanie and my sister Melissa, so lets see what I can say about myself that no one already knows. I don’t know if I will get 6 things but we will see.

Let me explain the rules first. When I get tagged I have to say 6 things about me and then go and tag 6 more people. I believe you go onto their blogs and make a comment on their blog and state they have been tagged.

1. I was in boot camp. Not the real boot camp through the government but through a gym I had joined. It could have been the real thing. I had 6 ex-marine instructors. They all went through the real boot camp and they tried to make it as real as possible. They would have us all line up and shout at us, in our faces. We were to say YES SIR or count out loud etc. If we didn’t do something they didn’t approve of, even as simple as not yelling loud enough we were called to the front deck. Meaning they got to make fun of us even more and push us harder than the rest of the group. We had canteens we drank water from. It was a great experience. I can say that now. Everyday I was doing it though I would ask myself “what did you get yourself into”. We had a ceremony at the end of training to award those who didn’t quit. It was a lot of fun, hard work, and great exercise. I could go on about that experience. Let me just say that there are two things that stick out of my mind at this moment that were the most challenging. One was we were split into 3 groups. There were about 4-5 in each group and we had to carry real logs. Huge trees I mean. We had to march with them on our shoulder and then they made us come back and lay down with the log on our stomach and we had to do sit ups as a group. I coped out when we did the sit ups, I was smack in the middle and we starting to get claustrophobic. They wouldn’t let me quit so they just stuck me on the end. The other thing that sticks in my mind was at the end of the course we would have an obstacle course we would have to work. We had a flat wall we had to climb with a rope, we had an upside down v wall we had to climb up and down, etc. All kinds of things. Ok enough said about that.
2. Not too many people know this about me but when I was in school in Virginia getting my bachelors degree I was in school full time and had 3 jobs and trying to date. I look back now and wonder how in the world I was able to do all that. Its amazing what you can do when you have to.
3. I ran a 10K run in one hour and 10 minutes. I was quit proud of myself. I think that’s what really did it in for my knees. I cant run anymore. My knees wont let me.
4. A loooonnnngggg time ago, when I was at Ricks College getting my associates degree I went on a 30 day camping trip. One summer a friend and I went on a 30 day camping trip. We took classes and camped all through Utah and Idaho. It was fun. There were a few downfalls, like my plant life class we watched videos. YES videos, in the woods. At first I thought it was a joke, but no our instructor brought his mini tv and vcr and plugged it into the car lighter. We also had to read the entire Odyssey book. That is a huge book. Especially when its not easy reading. At one point no one showered for 2 ½ weeks. When we finally were able to shower, we were at a camp site and they had bathrooms and showers. However, the only day we were able to go and shower there was a sand storm, so the minute you walked out of the shower you were covered with sand, so needless to say we were completely clean. And the water was freezing cold. That same place we were attacked by buffalo. Yup real buffalo decided to tramp through our camp site. Most of us were able to run in the vans and hide. There were a few of us that didn’t make it and ended up on top of the vans. Everyone knows buffalo are huge, imagine one running at you. They are ginormous at that point.
5. I am sure everyone knows this about me but my ultimate dream is to tour Italy and see all the wonderful history I learned about in my art classes and teach in my own art classes. And go to the Louvre and go to Florence etc. all those places are my dream. To travel.
6. And lets see, last but not least…u.m.m.m….man this is hard. I was in two car accidents within 2 weeks of each other. The first was a hit and run. I pulled over as I was pretty shaken up and low and behold, Patrick (my husband now, not even dating then) and our good friend Jeremy were about 3-4 cars behind me and saw what happened. They pulled over to check on me and called the cops and then they chased the guy back to his house. They came back to tell the cops and when the cops followed the trail of oil the guy had already taken the license plates off and was not home. We ended up going to court and come to find out it wasn’t even the guys car. It was his buddies, he was going to 7-11 to buy beer and well…BOOM. Car accident. My car wasn’t too damaged only about $2000 of damage and I was fine. Thank goodness. Well not more than two weeks later my mom comes to visit and we go to the store and as we are leaving a lady backs into me. She kept blaming me when it was obvious her fault. Her damage on her car was completely on the back bumper, my damage was on the side of my car. So I was obviously out of my parking spot before her. Anyway we didn’t go to court but it was a hassle because she was blaming me and I was blaming her. Fun fun. Knock on wood, I have not been in any serious accidents or any others since then.

Wow I did it. I thought of 6 things. I am sure now that I have thought of these things more will come to mind.


Steph y John said...

very interesting!! I never knew you camped for 30 days straight-that was an experience!

jamiegilson said...

I learned some fun things about you. When did you go on the camping trip? The summer after we left? Did you know I went on the Discovery the summer before? It was a blast.

That boot camp. You're amazing. I'd have been in tears.

And running a 10K in an hour? That's AWESOME!!! I don't think I could run for an hour ... and I don't really want to.=) I run for 20 mins. and then I'm done. The only thing that gets me running for those 20 mins. is that then I can be done. Good for you!!!