Friday, November 9, 2007

Ok, so patrick and i went to the doctors yesterday. They were having a hard time determining how far along I am, thats why we went. I am officially 12 weeks and now 2 days. Which is what they were telling me anyway. So it was kind of a waist of visit. Except patrick was able to hear the heart beat and see the baby. I guess thats not a waist. It was cool. They gave us 3 pictures but this is the only one you can really make anything out of. In the picture it looks like he is waving but when i scanned the picture it looks as though he might be sucking his thumb. (if you click on the picture to get a closer look, it really looks as though he is sucking his thumb) He would have to be taking that after me. I sucked my thumb forever!

One funny thing, we were at the doctors and the doctor was trying to get the baby to move. He was not budging. The doctor told me to remember 3pm that could possibly be nap time. Or we have a lazy baby. Patrick spoke up and said yup, thats my kid. It was funny.

Oh and i am saying he, even though we dont know what it is yet. We say he in our home, to ease patrick, as he wants a boy. =)


Steph y John said...

cute picture! Ultrasounds are always fun! (unless there's something wrong I guess but don't worry about that)

jamiegilson said...

Oh, it looks like a baby. That's such a perfect picture. I hate it when I get home and the picture just looks like a blob and usually when I look at others pictures it takes some work to pick out the picture. But this is so PERFECT!!! I'm so excited for you.