Monday, April 7, 2008

I know, I know, Its been forever since i have updated my blog and i appologize for that. When i started the blog i was working at a real boring place where i had tons of time on my hands, now i am a middle school art teacher and pregnant with no energy at the end of the day. I know no excuse, i will try to do better. I am sure i will have many more pictures to put on the blog once the baby comes.

So just a little update on whats going on in our lives. Patrick in in school part time trying to earn his bachelors degree and he still works for ADT full time during the day. I am teaching art at a middle school. Not exactly my favorite age group to teach but its getting better and better every day. I am hoping I will stay at this job for next year if i have to work. Even though i want elementary school i am tired of switching jobs and it would be nice to stay in one spot knowing the staff, students and environment.

We are still getting everything ready for the arrival of our baby. I finished painting the baby room and patrick just barely finished putting up the crib, now we have to actually put the baby room together. We are getting there though. I do have to say that my mind is all about baby. I cant concentrate on school. I am done i feel. I am ready to stay completely focused on our upcoming addition. But well, life has other ideas for us on that. Such is life i guess.

There really isnt too much going on with us. We are just busy working and planning for the baby. Which takes up all of our time. I have attached a video of our house as some of you have been asking what the inside of our house looks like. So hopefully you can all pull up the video ok.

Again i will try to do better in updating my blog more often. Enjoy for now.


lilberri said...

Hey guys!
Pat just emailed me about this site and I love the pics! Us Georgia folks haven't seen y'all since the wedding. Congrats on the baby. We miss you!!!!!

- the Robertson's

jamiegilson said...

Yay, I've been wondering when there would be an update so I'm glad it's finally here. You're looking great and those 3D pics are awesome. I've never seen one before. You're right, it's looking like a baby.=) Good luck and I look forward to more posts.

Katie said...

I want to see more of that baby!!!!