Monday, April 7, 2008

Ok, so these pictures are of when Patrick and I went to my brother and sister in laws house for easter dinner. Stephanie is holding Sammy in some pictures. Sammy is a great picture taker. He was smiling big. I also have pictures of Jeffery. We brought home an easter treat for Reno. The ham bone. We will NEVER give him the entire bone again. That night reno jumped his gate from the kitchen to the rest of the house (which he never does) and he pooped and peed in the baby room. Too much ham for him i guess. Not that i am condoning him jumping the gate and doing that anywhere else but i am trying to get the carpet real clean so he doesnt go back to that spot. I do not want him in the baby room. So that was a nice morning treat to clean up. There is also pictures of my belly in there. Patrick took those pictures.

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