Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Some of you know this story, but most do not. The last 4 weeks before Isabella was born i was on bed rest. Not fun at all. The first couple of days were fine and very restful but the rest of the time was aweful. You cant get comfortable in any position and i was not aloud do do anything but shower and get up to use the bathroom. I had to stay lying down as well because i would get nauseous if i was upright too long. Well on Wednesday May 14 i had a doctors appointment in the morning. (First of all Isabella was due on May 23) So i went the doctors appointment and the doctor was checking me and she was saying i was going to have a 9 lb baby. I thought i dont know where she is going to come from becuase i was not prepared to have a 9lb baby. Well right before i was about to leave the doctor wanted to do an ultra sound to see just how big this baby was going to be. Well it was a good thing they did the ultra sound because they found out i didnt have enough amneotic fluid for the baby and they needed to induce me that day. Oh and i was not going to have a 9lb baby they estimated 7lbs. Which was right on the money she was 7lbs 1oz. Anyway they told me to go home and collect my things and my husband and head to the hospital. So i got to the hospital about 12. I was not aloud to eat anything big, so on the way to the hospital i munched on some crackers.
They started me on patosane. I got started about 1pm. So i was on that all day they took me off that at night and put me on prostane to soften my cervix. By 7am thursday morning i was only dialated to 1 cm. So they did that process again all day thursday. By friday morning i was only dialated to a 2. My doctor told me that if my noon i hadnt shown any more progress they would schedule me for a c-section. So noon came around and i was begging for a c-section. I was tired and hungry. You cant eat or drink when you are on the patosane. You can eat and drink on the prostane. Anyway shifts had changed and i had a new doctor. The new doctor didnt want me to have a c-section she wanted to break my water and see where i go from there. Ok now i am more that upset i am getting mad. Why didnt they break my water on wednesday. Anway for those of you who dont know anything about patosane, it makes your contractions 10x worse than without. So since wednesday i had been having contractions but they were only on a pain level of a 3. They just felt like menstral cramps. However they had up my dose to the highest dose on friday that my contractions were 2 minutes apart. Not thinking the doctor broke my water with me still on patosane at 2 minutes apart with no epidural.
The minute the doctor broke my water my contractiions went from a pain level of a 3 to a 10. I had no epidural and they were every 2 minutes apart. So i was in excrutiating pain. So the nurses were trying to clean me from the water break and trying to give me an epidural at the same time. Oh and my IV was not working so they had to take it out and put it in again in a different place. All at the same time. Patrick was in the back of the room freaking out, not knowing really what was going on not able to help in any way.
So this all happened about 12:30. By 1pm my epidural had kicked in and i was good to go. Poor patrick. So just by breaking my water i dialated to a 10 by 5pm. I had Isabella at 7:34 pm. So it took 21/2 hours of pushing as well.
This was NOT the best experience of my life. I told patrick at the hospital that we are going to adopt IF we want any more kids. Now that i am home and relaxed i will think about having more kids later down the road. I need time much time to get over that ordeal. Neadless to says, Isabella Saige Bria is here and beautiful and i wouldnt trade her in the world for anything.
More pictures are on the way.


Katie said...

Wow! You're a trooper. I'm so glad she's here and safe. She's beautiful, and I'm glad that you're enjoying her. PS. You'll be surprised at even how you'll always remember the experience, you'll forget how scary and hard it was. At least I did.

jamiegilson said...

Katrina, she's beautiful. Wow, what a story. Don't you just wish those doctors knew what they were doing? Sheesh!=) I love all the pictures. Especially the one of you guys in the hospital. How precious. And did I mention she's beautiful. Plus Isabella is a beautiful name.