Sunday, June 21, 2009

Isabella's 1st Birthday

So she ate her cake and i was hoping for one of those classic pictures where her face is a mess. But she was such a careful eater and she wanted to get down and play. And the cake was white. Oh well, she enjoyed it anyways.
What wonderful friends and family she has. They all decided to test out her toys for her to make sure they were safe. Jefferey, Sammy, Lema, and Aaliah.
She was having a blast with her friends and cousins onher birthday.
Isabella recieved alot of new clothes and i think she really liked this outfit.
Jeffery was a big help when Isabella was opening her presents. I think at times he was more excited about the presents than she was. But isnt that what cousins are for, to show them how excited you need to be. I mean Isabella has never done this before and Jefferey is a pro. Thanks Jefferey, Your an awesome cousin!

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