Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our little bundle of JOY

We bought her these sunglasses for when we go to the beach this summer. We have been practicing putting them on her to get her used to them. She finally let us put them on her and she kept them on long enough for me to take a picture. She is now letting us put them on her and she will walk around with them on for about a minute or two before she pulls them off. However i dont think she will wear them at the beach for longer than a couple of minutes. Oh well!
She is such a daddy's girl. If i am sitting next to patrick on the couch or giving him a kiss, she always comes over and tries to get on Patrick's lap and then she says daddy daddy daddy. All over. Its like she is telling me he is my daddy. Its cute.
Those of you who havent met Isabella, she has a bunch of different laughs. She loves to be scared and loves to be tickled. How can you not smile with a face like that. She is thebest!
I cant remember which dress she wore for Easter Sunday. This one or the last one but either way, she looks cute in both. After she realized she couldnt pull her hat off she left it on.
This is a cool picture. I caught her while she was falling. So she is still in the air.

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jamiegilson said...

I'm not sure I've ever met a child that'll keep sunglasses on. None of mine ever did.=) Fun pictures. I'm finally catching up on everything I've missed over the last ... I'm not sure how long. It's so good to see you.