Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bella Baby

So Isabella has a couple of favorite toys. This dog we got her for her birthday and she loves it. We got the dog for her because she loves dogs. She thinks anything live and walking is a dog. Isabella burys her face in this dog when ever she sees it. She carries it around with her, and yes it is 3x as big as her. She just loves this dog.
Now she doesnt sleep with the dog. But she has been lately sleeping with her duck. She loves to sleep with this duck. I have found it on top of her face, on her belly, under her arm. She is not far from this duck in her dreams. She used to sleep with her husky dog, and then before that she used to sleep with her musical worm.
Abby came out and visited and helped me pick out some flowers and bushes to plant in my front yard. Abby helped me plant the flowers and Isabella is going to help me plant my bushes.

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