Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DC Trip

Oh what fun i had.
Bella and I went to visit my cousin Jennifer in DC. It was a very nice and relaxing visit. We went swimming one day and here is bella in her new swim suit thanks to her grandma.
Bella loves to swim, however she loves to do things on her own. She wanted to swim by herself but of couse she cant swim yet and the pool we went to doesnt allow floatys unless it is in the kiddy pool. Which she could of used. The kiddy pool was a little deep for her. But we had fun nonetheless.
We went to go feed the duck by Jennifers house.
They were very agressive ducks. They would hiss at you if you didnt feed them their bread fast enough.
After swimming grace and i went to the fantacy playground with Bella. They hadfun. But i tell you what, if i ever meet the person who decided to have rocks as the ground part for people to walk on i have a few words for him.

There was a crane chilling out where we were feeding the ducks.
Mom and Isabella swimming in the kiddy pools See how deep it is. Mom sits down and its upto her waist. Isabella stands up and its up toher waist


Katie said...

Looks like lots of fun!
I love preschool, but it's a lot of work and wear and tears on your house. Email me if you want my phone # and I'll tell you more if you want:)

jamiegilson said...

How fun! It's sad when they don't allow the floaties in the pools. And you're right, that kiddie pool is pretty deep for little kiddos. Those kiddos will need their floaties. By the way, did you cut your hair? It almost looks like it but I couldn't quite tell.

sochie said...

What fun pictures. we'll have to make sure to be around the next time you come out.

sochie said...

hey, we want to read more blogging. you havent updated in a while!