Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Denver Zoo

Look at this crazy animal i found at the zoo. Deep red main, a growl that would scare anyone walking by and claws so sharp they can cut through anything.
She was walking around with my ragedy anne wig and well i decided to put it on her and see what she looked like. She was so cute i had her pose for the camera.

We saw a bunch of animals but i only put a couple of the pictures on. I dont think i have ever seen a rhino in person. For some reason i think they are always hiding when i go to the zoo. He was scratching his nose.
I came across an old high school friend that still lives in colorado. Not far from where i live. We had decided to go the zoo together. She is with her daughter Olivia. Not much older than Isabella.
This peacock was following everyone around.
HUGE!!!!!! I mean huge. And he was chowing down.
There happened to be alot of baby animals out when we went.Here is a pictureof the baby goats.
posing bella
eating bella

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