Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little pumpkin

So Bella was a pumpkin for holloween. We went to Johns house and his neighbor was having aparty. These are the kids from the party.
Another kid at the pary was wearing the same constume.

My nephews in costume.
Bella loves to climp on things, in things etc. This time Sayde wanted to join her.
So bella LOVES the snow. She had a blast playing in it. Sayde on the other hand couldnt wait to go inside.
Bellawould run down the side walk and then plop backwardsin the 2feet snow and wait until someone would come and pick her up.

Sayde by the front door.
Sundays are hard. Its right at her naptime. But she is still cute even when she is grumpy.
AAWWWWW!!!!!! Precious

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