Thursday, November 12, 2009

There are always new things right?

So this is our new addition to the family. Her name Is Sayde. She is a Chihuahua puppy.
Believe it or not but we found a home for Reno. A farm! He lives with three other large dogs and can run free. It was a sad day to see him leave, but we both feel he will be happier there than tied up all day not having any contact with anyone, since we both work. One day someone at my work asked if anyone wanted a baby chihuahua for free. I asked patrick if he would be interested and to my surprise he said yes. I honestly didnt think he would be interested. To make a really long story short we took her home. She is very quiet she doesnt yip like most chihuahua's and she doesnt bark. However she is more of a guard dog than reno was. She will growl if someone is at the door. But that is it. She fetches, and is a HUGE lap dog. she is now 6months old. Very cute, very playful. It was a battle figuring out her name, but ultimately she is our sadye.

Bella loves to carry her ducky around, especially when she is tired. She doesnt have a blanket she has a ducky. We now have to bring it to her babysitters because she asks for it when its nap time. She tried to fit in a box and when she sat down it broke.

We finally got our backyard finished. It looks great.
Bella can now play in the backyard.
What a beautiful smile! She is my angel.

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Janice Moats said...

Hey, Katrina, thanks for all the pictures = wish I could have been there to see all the kids in their costumes. Isabella IS getting so big.... I'm surprised the pumpkin outfit still fit her. Can't wait to see her, oh, uh I mean you all at Christmas.

Love, MOM